Adults classes offer

Hi Potential students
If you would like the opportunity to have a look at our Karate system or our Aikido or even if you wish to enrol into one of our new classes started now, You are in luck. Just call in for a look see!.

This will be the chance to have a go with our hands on fun offer!, I will also hold a question and answer session during our time together. During this time you may register yourself  if that is your intention to join us in normal weekly classes, Adult classes start on Friday’s from 19.30 and run for the rest of the year.  If you want more info, Click the link below and fill in the required fields.

Click the link above to register your interest in this event

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It’s ALL good fun for all abilities at a low cost.
Sensei Ian


New students welcome.

New students are always welcomed into the Dojo.

Come and find out about our style of Aikido and our Karate + weapons for adults.

See what training with us can do for you!.

The top 12 questions answered here!

  1. a feeling of belonging to a friendly club.
  2. more confidence in yourself.
  3. a more healthy outlook on personal life.
  4. Set the path You wish to follow.
  5. learn to look after yourself in time.
  6. choose your own grading speed.
  7. a fixed monthly fee. No hidden cost
  8. a fixed annual membership fee.
  9. get a feeling of monthly physical fitness.
  10. choose Aikido or Karate or choose both.
  11. family friendly approach to groups.
  12. reduced cost for multiple family members.
New student are welcomed into the Dojo.
Our Karate This mostly taught by one of my senior grades Kealan, He holds the grade of Black Belt. Of course he is guided by me. I welcome all ladies and new students that wish to join us and hope that you find that we are an easy to get along with team, We do not have big EGO’S in our Dojo,

I will be offering an Introductory course for all those potential students that wish to try something new for Autumn of 2017, So! Get in now while the offer is still on the table. Your first full lesson is FREE!.

  We all come along each week to enjoy our time together and add more skills. I sure hope that you will enjoy my style of teaching, So! come along any Friday evening and find out for yourself, We are always there around 19.30.

Serious in some aspects and humour injected in others.

Open for business!

There is just one more item you might like the sound of…….

Karate Bunkai or what goes on inside the Kata and why is it covered!……..This is the application of the Kata.


Zazen or Meditation

We start and Finish classes this way

If you would like to try one of our Sword training classes, We use a wooden sword called a Bokken to begin our training learning the 12 kata or forms, We then work in pairs to secure a more in depth knowledge of the Bokken.

Senior Practice

Open air practice with both Bokken Wooden Sword and our Jo or (staff)



If Aikido is your choice!, We can help you with a free lesson.

Above you see my-good self working with Ingvar another Black Belt.



Our Karate is on offer with our new Black Belt teacher Kealan, So if you fancy a try!, Why not call in for a free lesson.

Ananko Kata!

Kata for senior grades is being practiced!.

Our new kata is being practised each week, We are covering the new addition in bite sized bits, Looking at the  angles, stances, strikes and the covers as we progress.

This way we will have a secure understanding of what is going on in this Black Belt Kata. It is a difficult Kata to get right and we feel with each weeks passing class that we are benefiting from the slow method of learning this wonderful kata.

Many times we see students rushing through a Kata without really understanding the movements within it. I myself do not teach in this way and neither does any of my Sensei within our various Dojo Locations both here in Larne or indeed in any of the HOME COUNTIES in the South of England where you will find that you can join in at any time if you are in the location, All you need to do is contact any of the Sensei and ask to train with them.

In any case we all have a first lesson free policy, Where ever you train.

Ian Sensei

The Glynn P.S Fun day

A hot sunny day.

Well this Saturday just gone, Saw a brilliant day in the grounds of the Glynn primary school, The place was packed and there where many tombola stands and other items of fun to excite the many Mum’s, Dad’s and swarms of children running in all directions, There was a stand that offered many boys with the chance to play with guns, As the Irish Guards showed up with their mascot DONAL……..An enormous Irish Wolf Hound.

We had our stand set up and we made some sort of an impact with the youngsters by showing a couple of our Aikido moves and clouting the children with our SPONGE CABBOSHER. This they loved and Conor finished up being attacked in return for the favour. We had a great day and for once the Sun shone on all of us for the whole event.

I hope that this year of 2016 will be just as warm and sunny, When we can repeat our

Grand Day Out.


The Larne Rugby Club fun day!

Well there you are again!

Started off wet but managed to stay dry for most of the event.

Sempai Conor and I had a reasonable day at the annual event held at the Glynn Rugby Cub ground, We only knew it was on as we left the building after training the evening before. We arrived at around 0930 on Saturday morning with hopes of a good day.We where stationed in the long room along with another group that were demonstrating Grav Manga. We stuck to our Aikido and Karate and shared what we do with all that showed an interest in our advertising stand. We had some Juniors ask about us and what we where about but!, I have learned not TO HOLD MY BREATH. at this type of function. Anyway!,time will tell as they say. I do not have any junior classes at this time, Due to lack of commitment and interest. It seems they would rather play with their Techi!, stuff than get involved with others for group fun. Such is the life of kids now!.